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picture telling

금주의 picture telling

금주의 표현영어

  • 매주 새로운 그림과 그 그림을 묘사하는 모범 글을 제공합니다.
  • 주어지는 그림을 묘사하는 영작을 해보세요
  • 해브잉글리쉬가 제공하는 글과 자신의 글을 비교 하면서 틀린 부분을 수정하여 완성 해보세요
  • 완성된 글을 안보고 읽을 수 있을 때 까지 큰소리로 반복하여 읽어보세요

기본형 모범 글

a picture of beach On the right side four men a couple who In front of the couple look like On the left bottom two kids who swimsuits

심화형 모범 글

This is a picture of a beach. There are many people on the beach who are having a good time. On the right side of the picture, four men are playing beach volleyball. There is also a couple who are walking on the beach while holding each other’s hands. In front of the couple, there is a kid and a man. They look like they are a father and a son. On the left bottom of the picture, there are two kids who are building a sand castle. They both are wearing swimsuits.